November 12, 2018

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October 2, 2018

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But it's just a little pill... when swallowing is a challenge

April 25, 2017


As people age, it can sometimes be harder than ever to swallow their medications. As a matter of fact, swallowing food and liquids is a real issue for many seniors, particularly those with dementia. The technical name for this condition is dysphagia and it can lead to many serious problems.


Caregivers who assist seniors with their medications can help the seniors in their care by teaching them the Lean-Forward Method for swallowing pills.


When something, such as a capsule, is floating in your mouth, it becomes challenging to swallow it without choking. With the Lean-Forward Method, the medication slides down the throat without much effort.


Present your senior with a full glass of water and then assist them with placing the medication on their tongue. Instruct them to drink some of the water without swallowing. Tell them to close their mouth and try to touch their chin to their chest. Once they're in that position, tell them to swallow. The water and medication should slide down easily.


Doing this time and time again will remove their fear of choking and should make medication time a more pleasant experience for all.


Treating seniors with kindness and dignity is what it's all about. 


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